UL 508a Controls

Control Panels by ALC

Empowering Your Business with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Automation Logistics Corporation takes pride in delivering technologically advanced and tailored solutions across various industries.

By incorporating our customers' specifications or crafting solutions to address their existing system challenges, we offer expertly designed control systems and application engineering services.

Our expertise extends to designing and fabricating control panels and cabinets to suit any custom order. With comprehensive support throughout the installation, start-up, calibration, and training phases, we ensure a seamless and successful integration of our solutions into your operations.

When you choose Automation Logistics Corporation as your partner, you gain access to the latest cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, empowering your company to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.


Tailored Solutions for Your Technology Challenges.
At Automation Logistics Corporation, we are dedicated to providing our customers with precise and effective solutions for all their control panel needs. Whether it's a single, straightforward panel or a series of cabinets handling distinct tasks, we have the perfect solution for your project.

Our commitment to excellence extends to utilizing only the latest technologies in our panel and cabinet construction. This ensures that our clients receive high-quality, cost-effective solutions that deliver exceptional long-term performance. To assure our customers of reliability, all our controls undergo rigorous testing in our facility before installation.

Design Standards

We offer a wide array of design capabilities and services, including:

  • Schematic Development
  • Detailed Power & Environmental Desing
  • UL 508a Labeling Capabilities
  • TÜV Adherence
  • ARC Flash Analysis/Mitigation
  • Back Panel Layouts and BOM Development
  • Reverse Designs
  • AutoCAD, WSCAD Electrical, & Microstation Services

With Automation Logistics Corporation as your partner, you can be confident that your technology challenges will be expertly addressed with tailored solutions designed to optimize your operations and meet your unique requirements.

Delivering Customized Solutions for Your Technology Challenges

In the realm of technology, finding the optimal solution is key. With a rich history in engineering and control panel fabrication since 2010, Automation Logistics Corporation possesses the expertise to identify cost-effective options without compromising quality or long-term performance.

Our commitment to reliability is unwavering. Prior to installation on-site, all controls undergo rigorous testing in our facility, ensuring utmost dependability in every project. From inception to completion, our dedicated team stands by your side, aiming to be your partner rather than just a product provider. We place great value on understanding our customers' needs, working collaboratively to craft the finest and most effective solutions possible. At Automation Logistics Corporation, your technology challenges become opportunities for innovative and personalized answers.