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Automation Industry Installation & Assembly Services

Automation Logistics is your partner to all automation services involving installation and assembly of automated warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution centers.

Electrical Installation

Automation Systems Electrical Installation Services

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly Services geared to the automation industry

Start-up Support & Commissioning

Alleviate deadline constraints with start-up support and commissioning

Project Management

Bridging the gap between your technology and Construction Restraints

Control Panel Manufacturing

Client specified or Design and Development of URL508a Controls

What We Do

Automation Logistics Corporation

Why pay two different companies for one job; let ALC handle everything from assembly to installation. We are your one-stop destination for streamlined processes. Whether it's a project on a green field, customization, or renovation of existing systems, our team will help keep the project on the right track and meet the expectations of system users. We believe that customer service and continuous improvement are the most important things we can offer. We aim to create a culture of quality. Our project managers will operate from the office, but they will frequently visit installation sites during key project milestones. Our project managers are customer-focused and service-oriented.

About ALC

Years of Global Experience in Automation Installation

Your reliable partner, WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS - NOT QUESTIONS. Welcome to - we offer products and services that meet the diverse needs of the material handling automation industry. Automation Logistics Corporation brings many years of experience in the field of installation and assembly of automated systems.

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