Start-up & Commissioning

System Start-Up and Commissioning

Automation Logistics Corporation proudly extends start-up assistance and commissioning services designed to optimize project costs.

With our well-trained team of system commissioning specialists, we alleviate deadline constraints by providing expert guidance during start-up processes and troubleshooting.Whether it's a Greenfield project, retrofitting, or renovating existing systems, our commissioning team ensures that the project aligns with the end-users' system expectations, keeping it on the right track.

The commissioning process seamlessly continues from where our installation and assembly teams have left off, ensuring a smooth turn-over. Our in-depth understanding of equipment and system wiring enables rapid troubleshooting, resulting in cost savings for the project.

For many years, Automation Logistics Corporation has been providing exceptional start-up assistance and commissioning services both domestically and internationally. Our commitment to excellence guarantees the successful implementation of your project, meeting and exceeding expectations at every step.

Start-up Assistance & Commissioning:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Optical check for all connected components
  • Commissioning power supply and PLC start up
  • Checking the individual connections according plans of the electrical components in the system
  • Checking the 24v supply of the system
  • Entrance test
  • Bus test
  • After program loading, commissioning of the individual machine areas
  • Testing sequencing, rotation speeds and fine adjustments