This section contains answers to many of the questions we receive on a regular basis. If you do not find the answer to the questions you have please feel free to contact us, and out friendly staff will direct you to the team member to answer your specific questions.

Do we work nationally?
YES. Automation Logistics Corporation works nationally.

If we have a project located in a state in which Automation Logistics Corporation does not hold a license; does this mean that you do not work in this state?
NO. With the proper time and coordination ALC will obtain licensing in the location of your project. A lot of times we have reciprocity based on our current licensing.

Do we work internationally?
YES. We have subsidiaries located in Europe to aid in our efforts to supply clients with world class service.

What is your definition of SME?
"SME" stands for small and medium-sized enterprises. The main factors determining whether a company is an SME are: number of employees and either turnover or balance sheet total. We have specifically designed our services to offer to SME that need unique price conscious solutions that typically have less than 500 employees.

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